Sааb 900: классика наддувного жанра

Used Saab 900

Due to the age of Saab 900s, buyers should be familiar with some of the common problems that exist for the cars. It is also important to obtain a vehicle history report on any car before buying. Buyers may also choose to take the car to a mechanic for a buyer’s inspection.

Inspect the Parts

Some parts and components of Saab 900s are likely to wear out more quickly than others. In many cases, the lifespan of a part can be predicted based on repairs to similar models. Try checking the mileage on the car to determine the likelihood of repairs. The following table offers information on key parts of a Saab 900 and their likelihood to wear out.

GearboxOne of the most common problems on Saab 900s

Automatic transmission with turbo engines tends to fail early

Repairs can be expected between 150,000 and 200,000 miles

Beware of whining noises while in certain gears or a failure to engage

TurboMost last around 120,000 miles

Water cooled turbos typically last longer than oil cooled versions

Head gasketCheck for signs of water or oil leaks from the cylinder head

Replacements can require many hours of work and are therefore costly

BodySaab 900s tend to develop rust in predictable areas

Check wheel arches, the petrol gas cap, and the bottom inside of doors

Convertible roofExamine the cover material for tears and worn areas

Roof should extend and retract smoothly

Unusual noises during movement indicate a need for expensive repairs

Although many expensive problems can be identified by any buyer, it is best to have a professional mechanic perform a full check of the Saab 900.

Perform a Buyer’s Inspection

An important step when purchasing a used Saab 900 is to take the car to a mechanic for a buyer’s inspection. An honest seller should allow buyers to take the car to any mechanic in the area for an independent check. Most mechanics charge a fee for this.

Find the True Market Value

The true market value of a Saab 900 indicates the highest price that buyers should pay for a model. This figure is determined by recent sales of similar cars, so it is always current with the market. The true market value for a Saab 900 can be obtained through online resources.

Obtain a Vehicle History Report

Before considering the purchase of any used car, it is important to obtain a vehicle history report. This includes details about the car, including the number of owners it has had, its mileage, and any damage to the car from accidents. The following table lists some of the most useful pieces of information that can be obtained through a vehicle history report.

OdometerShows the recorded mileage across the car’s history

Can reveal odometer rollback

RentalIndicates that the car was used as a rental vehicle
Number of titlesReflects the number of owners the car has had
SalvageIndicates if the car has been given a salvage title or placed in a salvage yard
AccidentLists reported accidents and any damage to the car
Total lossShows if the car has been written off as a total loss by the insurance company

A vehicle history report can sometimes be used to negotiate a price for a Saab 900. If problems are revealed on the report that the seller has not listed, it may be possible to ask for a lower price.


The Saab 900 was one of the company’s most popular cars and remains sought after by many buyers. Produced between 1978 and 1998, the Saab 900 underwent several changes to its design during its lifetime. The cars can be broadly separated into two generations. The first lasted until 1993 and the second until production ceased in 1998. Consider the many types of Saab 900s available, including convertibles, to find the most suitable car for a buyer’s needs.

Due to the age of Saab 900s, buyers should familiarise themselves with some of the parts that are likely to need repairs. Gearboxes are one of the most notorious parts to wear out, especially on turbocharged models with an automatic transmission. Check for any unusual sounds while changing gear or difficulties engaging certain gears. If the car has a convertible top, ensure that it can be raised and lowered smoothly.

Compare eBay sellers to find Saab 900s in the best condition and at the best price. Patient buyers can find a good quality Saab 900 that can be driven for many years to come.

source; eBay

Types of Saab 900

With a line that stretched across two decades, the Saab 900 underwent a number of changes. The first step in choosing a car is deciding on which year to buy. Learn more about the classic and new generations of the Saab 900 to look for cars with the most desirable features.

Classic Generation Saab 900

The classic generation of the Saab 900 was produced in 1978. There were several models available initially, including the GL, GLS, and GLE.

1978 to 1980

The GLS added twin carburettors to the basic design of the GL for more horsepower, while the GLE also incorporated a fuel-injected engine for the most power of the three. A Turbo model was released shortly after, which had significantly more horsepower than even the GLE. All of these models were produced in three and five-door hatchback styles.

1981 to 1985

1981 saw the introduction of a four-door saloon. In 1982, the Saab 900 turbo-charged model was equipped with Saab’s Automatic Performance Control, which improved overall performance and provided a greater degree of control over the boost pressure. A new model of the Saab 900 was released in 1984 called the Turbo 16 Aero, which contained a 16 valve DOHC B202 engine that gave it more power than its predecessors.

1986 and 1991

One of the most notable additions to the original Saab 900 series came in 1986 with production of a convertible model. These cars were designed on the three-door hatchback version of the basic Saab 900 and had a 16 valve turbocharged engine. In1991,, the convertible models were given a fuel-injected 2.1 litre engine.

1987 to 1993

1987 saw the addition of new headlights and a front grille to all Saab 900 models, as well as redesigned bumpers. All 8 valve turbo engines were replaced by 16 valves in the late 1980s, and anti-lock brakes became standard in 1990.. From 1991 onwards, the classic generation Saab 900 had redesigned seats that had previously been sold on the company’s 9000 model. The classic generation ended in 1993.

New Generation Saab 900

The new Saab 900 generation,, sometimes called the GM900 or NG900, featured a redesigned body and several other improvements. The new generation started immediately in 1994,, after the end of production of original models. The basic NG900 was produced with a choice of three 16 valve engine types. These included 2.0, 2.3, and 2.5 litre designs.

There were three variants of the basic NG900, including a 900 S, 900i, and 900 SE. The first two have standard four-cylinder engines, while the 900 SE had a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Convertible tops remained an option for models in the new generation.

How to Buy a Saab 900 on eBay

A number of Saab 900s from the model’s production history can be purchased from sellers on eBay.. To find these cars, begin a keyword search from the home page. For example, enter “1995 Saab 900&” to see all listings on the site tagged with those terms. You may refine listings by adding other terms, such as a transmission type.

Review Item Listings

Review item listings closely before committing to a purchase. Most sellers provide a detailed description of the Saab 900 along with photos from multiple angles. A specification sheet may also be included in the listing. Look for this to gain information about the technical aspects of the model being sold.

Seller Feedback

Sellers on eBay have a feedback rating that can be used to determine their reliability on the site. Consider this information along with the number of completed transactions to find the best sellers. Leave your own feedback at the end of the transaction to inform future buyers about your experience.

SAAB 900 (Второго поколения)[править | править код]

Saab 900 (Второго поколения)
Общие данные
Производитель SAAB
Годы производства 1994—1998, выпущено 273 568 экз.
Сборка Тролльхеттан, ШвецияУусикаупунки, Финляндия (кабриолет)
Класс D-класс
Тип кузова 2-дверное купе3-дверный хэтчбек5-дверный хэтчбек
Платформа GM2900
Компоновка передний
B204i I4 2,0 л B206i I4 2,0 л B234i I4 2,3 л B258 V6 2.5 л. B204e I4 2,0 л турбо
5-ступ. МКПП4-ступ. АКПП
Массово-габаритные характеристики
Длина 4638 мм
Ширина 1712 мм
Высота 1435 мм
Колёсная база 2601 мм
На рынке
Связанные Opel Vectra
Другая информация
Дизайнер Бьерн Энвалл (дизайн) Айна Нильстон Стрем (интерьер)

Saab 900
Saab 9-3

 Медиафайлы на Викискладе

Второе поколение SAAB 900 (также известное как 900NG среди энтузиастов) был построен на заводе General Motors на базе Opel Vectra в качестве замены SAAB 900 первого поколения. Этот абсолютно новый 900 выпускался с 1994 по 1997 год. В 1998 году он получил несколько усовершенствований и был переименован в SAAB 9-3.

Новый 900 вышел с двигателем S (4-цилиндровый, без турбонаддува) и SE (4-цилиндровый турбо или V6). В трехдверном, пятидверном исполнении хетчбека и как кабриолет.

В зависимости от рынка, NG900 был доступен с 2,0 л или 2,3 л 16-клапанным DOHC двигателем Saab (двигатель Saab коды B204, B234 ), а также 2,5 л версию двигателя V6. Система автоуправления турбодвигателем Saab Trionic 5, прямое зажигание (SDI) и автоматическая регулировка производительности от Bosch – вот неполный список обновлений технической части 900.

Трехдверный хетчбек SAAB 900NG

Пятидверный хетчбек SAAB 900NG

В отличие от «классического» Saab 900 с продольно установленным двигателем и капотом, откидывающимся вперёд, NG900 имел поперечно расположенный двигатель, и капот, откидывающийся назад.

Позже на 900NG появилась система «Sensonic» — вариант сцепления (доступный на турбо моделях с ручной КПП), который представлял из себя сцепление контролируемое компьютером – который обеспечивал более четкое и продуктивное переключение передач, способствующее повышению динамики автомобиля.

На 900NG была установлена система SID (бортовой компьютер) которая показывала водителю расход топлива, температуру воздуха и др. данные.

Так же на 900NG впервые была применена технология Night Panel. Два варианта освещения приборной панели в темное время суток: общее (освещение всей панели) и подсветка только спидометра (сделана по примеру освещения в кабине истребителя).

SAAB считался подразделением General Motors, которое производит элитные автомобили. В связи с чем SAAB 900NG стоил на рынке дороже чем Opel Vectra (на базе которого 900NG был построен).

Всего было выпущено 273 568 автомобилей.

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Цена SAAB 900 в Германии в 1998 году
МодельМощность, л.с.Цена 5-дверный хэтчбек, DMЦена Coupe, DMЦена Cabrio, DM
900 2.0i130369503595056950 (900 S)
900 S 2.3i150449504395058950 (900 SE)
900 S 2.0 Turbo185555504995066950 (900 SE)
Статистика продаж Saab 900 на различных рынках
Швеция5155*10 7918886785872659326**
США10 974*н/дн/дн/дн/дн/д
* — вместе с SAAB 900 первого поколения ** — вместе с SAAB 9-3 

Международные награды


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1993 – 1994

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